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Reference Design of KORG Nutube Headphone Amp Kit V2

This is a reference design of KORG Nutube Headphone Amp Kit. It is in a format that you can use with free DesignSpark PCB software, you can edit it freely and use it. For download link of Nutube Headphone Amp Kit V2 project file and article, please refer to the end of this reference design.

KORG Nutube Headphone Amp Kit is DIY Headphone amp kit that will let you enjoy the highest quality audio anywhere. By installing MUSES02 and Nutube 6P1 on this board, you can choose from a high fidelity clean and pristine sound, or a warmer, more harmonically rich sound. As an example, there are two OP amp options for the output of the premium audio oriented “MUSES01” from JRC in customizing your own and unique headphone amp. The possibilities are endless.


Schematic of KORG Nutube Headphone kit V2


KORG Nutube Headphone kit V2 board layout


3D display of KORG Nutube Headphone kit V2 board

BOM list of the board (key components)

RS Part Number

Manufacturer Part Number




Nutube 6P1

KORG Nutube

Double Triode Thermionic Valve, Parallel Base, 45 x 16 x 5.6mm




High Quality Audio, Bipolar Input, Dual Operational Amplifier



United Au-Vi

3.5mm phone jack




Toshiba 2SK209-YN-Channel JFET, 10 V, Idss 1.2 ¡÷ 3.0mA, 3-Pin


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