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DesignSpark PCB Pro - Now available

DesignSpark has launched DesignSpark PCB Pro, a paid-for upgrade to our printed circuit board software design tool.

Latest news: DesignSpark PCB Pro has launched in Japan

Within this enhanced feature set, we have incorporated a host of user-requested features such as;

  • Blind & buried vias.
  • Extensive copper pour rules.
  • Hierarchical blocks.
  • Net class level spacing rules & manufacturing checks.
  • An upgraded auto-router to optimise the board layout efficiency.

What's more, our integrated library support provides import of the latest symbols, footprints and 3D models, all adding to a dramatically accelerated design time. 

With our free trial version you can try before you buy, so why not familiarise yourself with the many new and useful features.

Upgrading is simple and cost-effective, at $449 USD your perpetual licence means no yearly top-up fees, it's just a one-off purchase and you are good to go. 

Download now

Here are five top reasons for upgrading to DesignSpark PCB Pro.

For more information on how to buy, simply follow this video below.

To get you started in the new tool we have prepared this easy to follow guide. 

Download now

DesignSpark PCB Pro provides continuity with your current designs, existing libraries remain and access to the support and help pages are only a click away. Transiting to DesignSpark Pro is smooth and effortless, the following links provide lots of useful information.

DesignSpark PCB Pro Software - home page

DesignSpark PCB Pro download & installation 

DesignSpark PCB Pro support 

DesignSpark PCB Pro part library

DesignSpark PCB Pro support forum 

New feature request 

DesignSpark PCB Pro takes you to the next level of performance, but that doesn't mean we are moving away from the free version of DesignSpark PCB, rest assured our commitment is to fully maintain, support and develop this fantastic tool also.  

DesignSpark PCB Pro is available in the Uk,  US and Japan markets, other markets are being rolled out at later dates so check back here for regular updates. 

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28 Oct 2019, 10:37


October 8, 2019 07:40

What would be good for 'intermediate' users would be the ability to 'cherry-pick' which features from Pro they choose to buy. I could never spend the full cost of Pro for my installation, as it is basically for hobby usage, but I might pay a small amount for one or two features which would be used often...