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DesignSpark Mechanical v5.0 | Mechanical Software | DesignSpark

Watch the reveal trailer now!

DOWNLOAD DSM v5.0 (64-BIT Only) 

SUPPORTED 64-BIT OPERATING SYSTEMS: Microsoft® Windows 7, 8, 10


Here is a list of the new features:

  • Customizable shortcuts - You can assign shortcut keys to quickly run any command supported by DesignSpark Mechanical
  • Views Panel, allow saving views – create any number of custom views to quickly make edits.
  • Measure and Quality tools – analyse your geometry for the size and shape of bodies as well as the quality of bodies created.
  • Mass Properties – a tool to get volume information on designed objects
  • Equations – sketch with mathematical equations
  • Flythrough – a display mode with camera setup to explore inside complex objects
  • Improved Sketch – new constraint-based sketching tools and dedicated 3D sketch mode
  • Enhanced shading - displays objects with shading when exposed to ambient lighting in real life.
  • Custom rendering- adjust the faceting on a per-object basis and for the overall design to get a balance between optimal performance and quality of design output.
  • Pattern of planes – quickly generate a plane pattern to slice objects quickly into equal parts


Read more about the above in the release notes here.

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