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DesignSpark Mechanical - sketch plane does not appear


I have downloaded (and would like to try using) DesignSpark Mechanical. However, when I do file->new->design, I get a grey new workspace page/tab that is blank and grey (sometimes just black). No grid or anything else. Trying to sketch a box/circle (or other) I see nothing appear in the workspace. But I do see items in the 'structure' tree that indicate what I was attempting to draw was being noted and added.

Do I have a setting wrong? I don't see anything when I search (online) that relates to my issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The software version for DS Mechanical: 5.0 (2020 R2) (2020.1.07332) 64 Bit

Running on Windows 10 (Home) with all latest patches.

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