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Jude Pullen's DesignSpark Mechanical 4 top tips

Hey Jude

Jude Pullen's DesignSpark Mechanical 4 top tips


Since the DesignSpark Challenge last month, I’ve had plenty of time to experiment with their intuitive modelling software, DesignSpark Mechanical (DSM). And I’m pleased to report that the results are impressive.

Every designer creates ideas and concepts differently.  But we all face the same challenge of creating under the pressure of time constraints. DSM allows me to visualise my ideas as quickly as I can imagine them. It’s fluid enough to not hinder a creator with the burden of learning un-intuitive software.

Here are some of my observations and tips on how to make the most of this free design tool:

1. Start with cardboard. Before you start creating on DSM, mock up your idea in a simple material like cardboard. This will make you aware of the physical design requirements before you begin modelling with the software.

2. Test your work in progress. CAD fast and print as many iterations as you can afford. There is nothing better than testing concepts in the real world.

3. Check proportions. Remember to print out a scale drawing of your CAD design to see how the proportions look.

4. Avoid ‘CAD eye’. Avoid the temptation to think something is plausible and adequate just because it appears so on screen. By importing a reference part — it could be a human hand or a component you are familiar with — you can be sure that your design will work in the real world. This process is great for checking whether walls are thick enough, whether buttons can be pressed by fingers etc.

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Winner of the 2020 Alastair Graham-Bryce "Imagineering" Award (IMechE), Jude thrives in high risk collaborations, uncertainty and pressure - drawing from global networks and experiences to deliver high profile campaigns and digital/physical products. A leading Creative Technologist & Physical Prototyping Expert, Jude has worked for NHS, Dyson, LEGO, and a number of start-ups. He is one of the eight featured inventors in BBC Two's Big Life Fix.
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