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10 Apr 2019, 7:40

DesignSpark Mechanical 4.0- Tips (PART 1)

A few tips for troubleshooting and running DSM 4.0 smoothly.

We go through:

1) How to enable auto-save to keep local design backups.

2) Changing the rendering quality for your active design workspace.

3) Switching between different software renderers, in case of display issues with the default.

4) Internalizing project components prior to sharing with other users.

5) Checking loaded geometry for errors and DSM's recommendations to solve them.

6) Accesing a quick reference card (QRC) with keyboard shortcuts and touch screen aids.

7) Changing the rendering style & environment in the display tab.


In the next video, we will look at:

1) Radial menu to access selection modes from other tools.

2) Using mathematical expressions to drive dimensions.

3) Using wireframe mode to get an x-ray of your 3D models

4) Inserting viewpoints into a workspace to simultaneously modify geometry from multiple perspectives.

5) Formatting and importing point curve text files (*.txt) from a CMM

A curious mind with a passion for 3D CAD & rapid prototyping. Working towards improving the DesignSpark Mechanical software at RS, add-in for SolidWorks 3D among other projects.

10 Apr 2019, 7:40