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20 Feb 2018, 15:23

DesignSpark Marketplace, made for the Makers!

Are you a maker of a product you want to sell?  Or, perhaps, you are looking for a ready-made device to buy? Whether you are a professional or not it doesn’t matter at DesignSpark Marketplace! All you need to do is be a member of DesignSpark to buy and list your items, that’s it!  Purchases are via Paypal so you can be assured whether you are a buyer or a seller that you are protected. Credit card payments are also an option.

We have some excellent products already listed in DesignSpark Marketplace, including some great designs for use with your Raspberry Pi or Arduino projects.

Look at what you can find in the DesignSpark Marketplace:

RasPiO Duino


The RasPiO Duino is a small plug-on board for Raspberry Pi and is a low-cost and easy way to get into Arduino programming. It has similar functionality to an Arduino Uno but is fully programmable via the Raspberry Pi. Once it’s been programmed, it can be removed from the Pi and used independently.


The RasPiO® Duino kit contains everything you need to start Arduino programming (as long as you already have the Pi) and there is a plethora of RasPiO tutorials, like the one above that you can watch on YouTube to help you get the most from this hands-on kit.

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The Score:Zero is a super simple soldering project and when the kit it’s constructed it creates an NES-style games controller that fits on top of a Raspberry Pi.

We've got an easy-to-follow tutorial worksheet to allow beginners to learn the ropes of soldering and a set of example Python code that makes the Score:Zero act as a keyboard or mouse in Raspbian OS and support for Retropie will be coming soon.

Score:Zero is designed to be super-inexpensive: you can have your very own retro gaming station set up for next to nothing!

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PiCAN2 CAN-Bus Board for the Raspberry Pi 3


The PiCAN2 board provides CAN-Bus capability for the Raspberry Pi, using the Microchip MCP2515 CAN controller with an MCP2551 CAN transceiver. Connections are easily made via the DB9 or 3-way screw terminal and it easy to install a SocketCAN driver and Programming can be done in C or Python, so you have plenty of programming options. You will need your own Raspberry Pi of course!

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Industruino PROTO D21G


The Industruino PROTO is a platform that allows you to turn your Arduino prototyped solution into a robust permanently installed product.

Some of the Features:

DIN-rail mountable

Fully enclosed

Prototyping area with re-routable connections using jumpers

14p IDC expansion port

7-28V->5V/2A switching voltage regulator.

128x64 pixels LCD with backlight

3 button membrane panel

Pre-loaded with interactive LCD menu firmware

Fully compatible with the Arduino IDE

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MyStorm BlackIce II


The MyStrom BlackIce II is an open-source hardware FPGA development board sporting a massive 56 PIOs and 26 GPIOs with both PMOD expansion sockets and support for Arduino shields. It has an onboard Arm Cortex M4 microcontroller and a 144 pin Ice40 FPGA with 3520 logic cells, 80Kb internal block RAM and 2Mb external SRAM.

Some of BlackIce II Features:

* Lattice Ice40 HX4K TQFP144 FPGA with 56 PIO and 80Kb BRAM & 2Mb SRAM

* STM32L433 ARM Cortex M4 Microcontroller 26 GPIO 256KB Flash and 64KB RAM

* 100Mhz Oscillator (Ice40), 12Mhz crystal (STM32)

* SPI Mux control between Microcontroller, LEDs and RPi header

* SDCard SDIO connections to both Ice40 and STM32L433

* Arduino Shield Compatible Headers (plus 4 pin extension)

* RPi Header (26Pin) allows direct integration with all Raspberry Pi variants

* All hardware is Completely open-source and fully reusable

Read More at the DesignSpark Marketplace


If you have products you have created yourself that you want to sell, why not give DesignSpark Marketplace a try? We have over thousands of potentials customers who might just be looking for creations like yours! Sign up to DesignSpark and start trading!

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