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DesignSpark Electrical V1.3 Beta Released!

Countless years taking things to bits to see how they Fighting the good SEO & content battle at Kempston Controls! Still Number 3 in the XP table - Booooom!

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June 1, 2018 07:40

Hi Giacomo,
Yes, there are a few names for DSE. The short/simple one now is v1.3, in order to quickly identify the version and to be consistent with other pieces of our software. As you mentioned more precise one can be found in help menu. It is now: Version: 2018.0.2, Build 25
Thank you for using our software!

May 25, 2018 09:29

I've always had trouble finding out which version I'm using:
in DSE Help / info it indicates 2018 SP2 BETA, version 2018.0.2 build 25.
Nowhere does V 1.2 or V1.3 appear as indicated here in DesignSpark.

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