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DesignSpark Electrical training videos

Welcome to this 15-part DesignSpark Electrical (DSE) basic training series.

If you haven't already, download the software here:

Topics covered in individual episodes are:

  1. User Interface Familiarisation
  2. Understanding the libraries
  3. The Symbols Manager
  4. The Manufacturer Parts Manager
  5. Working on Projects
  6. Line Diagrams
  7. Overview of Schematics
  8. Wire management
  9. Understanding Wire Formulas
  10. Understanding Macros
  11. Understanding Title Blocks
  12. Locations and Functions
  13. Origin-Destination Arrows
  14. Generating Reports
  15. Understanding Archives

Below is a YouTube playlist with all 15 episodes in the auto-play queue. Try to use 1080p HD quality on full-screen to see smaller marks and text.

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