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14 Dec 2018, 13:40

DesignSpark competition winners

To round off the year we are happy to announce the winners of our three remaining competitions for 2018.

Winner for Lights Fantastic goes to xd009642 for POVception a persistence of vision globe inside a persistence of vision globe.

Winner for our RS Pro Digital Oscilloscope goes to Luis_Innovart

Winner for RS Pro Soldering Station goes to ElectricJosh

Congratulations to our winners.

DesignSpark would like to thank all who entered our competitions during 2018 and look forward to bringing you more in 2019.

Remember there is still our DS advent competition running daily until 24th December.

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14 Dec 2018, 13:40


December 17, 2018 08:56


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December 17, 2018 08:59

congrats to all the deserved lucky winners :) enjoy friends

December 17, 2018 09:00

A huge thank you to DesignSpark, the professional soldering station will be immeasurably helpful in my future projects! :)