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7 Nov 2017, 12:07

Arduino Uno and BeagleBone cases, brought to you by DesignSpark

BeagleBone and the Arduino Uno, two great development boards that we are all familiar with, both ideal for application projects that you may find in a manufacturing environment, and yet equally at home driving a fun design you created just because you could!

Whatever your creative outlet, in your working environment or at home as a hobbyist, DesignSpark brings you some exciting new products that you can purchase directly from RS Components.

Designed to protect your BeagleBone or your Arduino Uno from the rigours of everyday life we bring you a range of ergonomically designed cases that won’t break the bank but will help stop you from breaking your project!

DesignSpark BeagleBone Cases

Available in blue and black colours with a clear lid, these cases are very easy to assemble with a simple click-to fit of the two end pieces and featuring a sliding-fit lid which also allows for quick and easy access to the BeagleBone PCB. Suitable for the BeagleBone Black, Blue, and Wireless versions.

BeagleBone Case in Blue (144-2599)

 BeagleBone Case for WiFi Version (144-2600)


BeagleBone Case in Black (144-2601)


DesignSpark Arduino Uno - Ethernet Shield Case

This great little case has been designed to house the Arduino Uno and Ethernet Shield in an easy to assemble unit that holds your boards securely via clip-in grooves, so no screws are required! Made from a 3mm thick high-impact polystyrene and fitted with rubber feet and an Ethernet knock-out port, this tough little case will protect your Uno project, keeping it free from accidental bumps and scrapes.

DesignSpark Arduino Uno Case in Black (144-2602)

For more fantastic DesignSpark Branded Products Search RS Components using ‘designspark’ and select Brand.

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7 Nov 2017, 12:07


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