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DesignSpark Accelerate - The technology gym to exercise your start-up

"It's like joining a gym and hiring a trainer for your start-up." What...?

Before we dive into the technical details, let's talk about exercise gyms. Why do folks join gyms and hire trainers? Usually for one or two reasons: get in better shape, grow muscles and strength, look better at the beach, and many more. Gym-goers show up, set goals, put in some hard work, and leave more athletic, looking better and feeling more confident.

What if there was a similar process, but instead of gym-goers it was start-ups, and instead of an exercise gym and trainer, it was a technology incubator? Good news, the Accelerate program is exactly that!

Participants of the Accelerate program will show up, put in some hard work, and leave with a start-up that is performing better, stronger business muscles, and an incredible amount of confidence. Sounds like a gym, right?

Let's use direct gym comparisons below to the Accelerate program.


The Equipment: design software, manufacturing tools, and office space

When you enter a gym, typically the first thing you see is all the gym equipment: workout machines, treadmills, and free weights. Well, when you join the Accelerate program, the first things you’ll see are our design center, office space, meeting rooms, and yes, even an onsite gym.

The office and design center are where participants get to play. Located next to the office spaces, the design center contains powerful desktop computers loaded with software packages and desktop manufacturing tools such as 3D printers. What happens if we don’t have the right software or manufacturing capabilities? We probably know someone who does. We’ll happily make the connection and possibly pay for the resources through in-kind funding.

When you need a break, walk over to the onsite gym with actual workout equipment. You may even find an exercise class to join with other start-ups and local community members.


The Trainers: DesignSpark innovation team, mentors, and professional network

If you join a gym and hire a trainer, hopefully, the trainer knows what they’re doing and can help you grow. That’s exactly what the folks behind the Accelerate program are positioned to do: help you grow.

The immediate Accelerate team has members from software engineering, hardware engineering, industrial distribution, leaders in corporate venture capital, and leaders in corporate innovation. If the immediate Accelerate team doesn’t have the knowledge to help you, then as it happens, the Accelerate program is backed by the global manufacturing leader, RS, with 7,600 employees and over 2,500 suppliers. You’ll have access to those folks and we’re willing to bet someone in that network can assist you in your journey.


The Energy Boost: $50,000 of in-kind funding

The last thing you want to happen when visiting a gym is walking in and feeling drained before you start any exercise. Some folks like to consume a pre-workout drink, listen to music, or eat a protein-heavy meal to fuel their body for what’s to come.

How does Accelerate ensure your start-up is fueled and ready to work out? We’ll provide up to $50,000 of in-kind funding to keep you moving. One of the easiest ways to slow down in the start-up world is to run into a financial roadblock. We’d like to remove that block before it even happens.

There is a caveat to the $50,000 though. We’re not just going to write you a blank check. That’s where the term “in-kind” is put in use. “In-kind funding” means we’ll swipe our credit card for whatever resources you need until the bill reaches $50,000.

And the best part? We don’t take any equity.


Is your start-up ready to work out?

Apply to the Accelerate program today by visiting the main Accelerate webpage:

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