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DesignSpark Accelerate Goal: Customers

Grow you customer base and discover new audiences

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Do you have customers? If so, who are they? What do they want from your business? What do they want out of your product?

Our customer goal in Accelerate is to elevate your customer knowledge to answer the questions above. Even if you haven’t asked these questions yet, we’re here to help. We’ll go on a customer discovery journey together by completing activities like:

  • Customer surveys
  • Customer visits
  • Marketing
  • Remote observation of target customer segments
  • Product testing & feedback


Already have customers? We’ll help you grow your existing customer base, or look to discover new customers through product testing and reviews.

The Timeline

18th November 2022 - Accelerate Application Opens 

31st December 2022 – Accelerate Application Closes

January & February 2023 – Candidate selection process including virtual interviews

End February – Top candidates selected & informed of admittance into Accelerate

March 2023 & March – Accelerate Program and Onboarding Launch

March 2024 – Accelerate Program Concludes

What are the 5 goals of the program?

The goals listed below are to be baselined and tracked throughout a start-up’s journey, as a participant of RS DesignSpark Accelerate. Goals can be catered to individual start-up’s needs and current progress.

Goal 1 in the Program

Goal 2 in the Program

Goal 3 in the Program

Goal 4

Goal 5 in the Program

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