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26 Jan 2018, 9:03

DesignSpark 2018 Features List

A call out to all community members to be part of our featured offering.

For the first time ever we have prepared a features list, these are hot topics we would like to include throughout the year and we are asking you, our members, to help contribute.

So if you’d like to contribute towards any of the topics, simply click the contribute button and select add an article. We'll make sure that it’s highlighted to our readers across multiple DesignSpark channels.

Here is our full list below. 

January 2018 

Electronics Design – what’s new for design engineers in 2018?

BLOCKCHAIN – the emergence of BLOCKCHAIN within industry and its significance to IoT/IIoT

PLC and HMI – exploring the latest in industrial interfaces


February 2018

Raspberry Pi – latest helpings from Pi Towers

Makers making it happen – moving from prototypes to production

Sensors and sensibility – automation efficiency in 2018


March 2018

STEM – inspiring the next generation of engineers

Robotics – from industrial to medical and everything in between

Building and home automation – the latest in smart buildings and connected homes


April 2018

Machine safety – building safety into equipment and machine designs

The Internet of Things – IoT ecosystems, applications and applied industries

Connecting for success – critical components for our digital age


May 2018

Electronics design – what’s new for electronic design engineers?

Crowdfunding – how to successfully crowdfund your designs

Wearables and technology lifestyle – when will adoption become mainstream?


June 2018

Test and measurement – testing for success

AR – exploring its uses within industry

Open source – leading to bigger leaps in innovation


July 2018

Automotive – advances in fuel technology

Development kits – reviewing the latest developments

Panel and control cabinets – developments from the front line of industrial processes


August 2018

Electromechanical – interfacing electronic systems with the physical world

VR – the latest advances in developing VR systems

3D printing and design – pushing the boundaries


September 2018

Software Defined Radio – implementing components into software

Coding – how to get started and sharing code

Arduino – what’s new?


October 2018

Game of Drones – a view from above

Industry 4.0 – smart factories in action

Workbench – essential kit for your workbench


November 2018

Motion control – keeping industry moving

AI – algorithms for continuous improvement

Renewable energy – what’s the latest?


December 2018

LEDs – lighting up the world

Microcontrollers – miniature computers, maximum punch

Datafication – what do we do with the all the data we create?


General Note:

Although we have given timings for our features list, please feel free to provide content around these subjects at any time.

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26 Jan 2018, 9:03