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DesignSpark 2.0 - adding value and choice for you

Webinar Invitation

RS DesignSpark has been a mainstay of many engineers’ lives for well over a decade, bringing free feature-rich design tools and resources, learning, and community support to more than one million members. Now, with the introduction of DesignSpark 2.0, the platform is set to transform, offering engineers a choice of pathways to upgrade their free access to more powerful and professional-level features and resources, through paid subscription packages as and when they need them.

Watch this recorded webinar from Tuesday 21st March 2023, where Mike Bray, Vice President of Innovation and DesignSpark, Pete Wood, Head of DesignSpark Experience, and Joydipto Choudhuri, DesignSpark Software Experience Manager explain how DesignSpark 2.0 will increase value and choice for you.

The presentation also includes a Q&A session, but please add any additional questions to the discussion window below.

RS DesignSpark is the go-to platform for students, makers, hobbyists and professional design engineers, providing design resources such as the award winning DesignSpark PCB and DesignSpark Mechanical CAD software. Join the community today at
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