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Design Spark Electrical - Wire connection schematics

Wire does not connect to symbol connect point when running directly out from a schematic symbol. 

When I place a schematic symbol on a scheme, I click on the connection point on the symbol and run the wire immediately horizontal (left/right) to either another schematic object or just somewhere on my schematic.When I click to finish the wire, the wire just dissapears.

However, if I click on the connection point and run either immediately up/down the schematic, and then go horizontal (left/right) the line will remain on the scheme. 

Why is it that when I click on the connection point and run immediately horizontal (left / right) that the line does not stay?

Is this a bug or is this something that I don't understand about schematic symbols? 


October 11, 2019 07:33


Please see the developer's reply:

Kindly check how the connection points in the symbol are defined, wires passing a connection point are automatically cut, please see the attached video.

Best regards,
-DesignSpark Support

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October 9, 2019 08:06

This is a quite challenging and also annoying bug. Cost me 4 hours of my life ... . I would be pleased if you can fix this as fast as possible. Otherwise, I can not recommend Design Spark.

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