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Design of a Korg Nutube Amplifier Part 3: PCB Computer Aided Design

Karl is a design engineer with over a decade of experience in high speed digital design and technical project leadership in the commercial electronics sector.


January 22, 2018 09:50

I used 24V in my design, because this is the voltage required to get at least 25W on a Class-D amplifier, this provides a bit more gain, which is 14dB at +12V and 17dB at +30V:

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January 8, 2018 08:55

Hi Karl,
Thanks so much for posting this series and all the explanation. I picked up a NuTube in Akihabara (Tokyo) last month in the hopes of making an interesting guitar pedal so your article series is great. I have been building along and have built something very similar to your design on breadboard. I have just played my guitar through it so I'm pleased it works. Some things I have noticed with my adaptation (probably due to things I've messed up):
- I'm running on 9V because that is standard guitar pedal voltage
- A high pitched whistling sound
- The guitar sounds a little muffled
I look forward to your next installment with interest!
Thanks once again. David

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