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Deployment of DesigSpark PCB thru SCCM


We are trying to deploy DesignSpark PCB thru SCCM for those users that has no admin rights to install on their workstation. The error encoutered when installing thru SCCM was the file is not found. Upon checking this is due to the setup.exe was extracting the installation file to the "System Profile" folder as the deployment in SCCM to users is to "run as system". File is not found due to the installation has no access onto system profile folder.

Is there direct MSI installer for the DesignSpark 8.1.2? or any installer package that doesn't require to be extrated to location just straight away install. 

Hoping for kind response. Thanks!



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June 13, 2019 07:05

Hi Marvin

I believe that there is a multi user version of DSPCB designed for educational establishments. If you contact the DSPCB engineers then they will be able to assist you.

June 13, 2019 07:06

Please contact our support team
where they will assist.

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