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Custom print a new lid for the IOT2020 when fitting an Arduino Relay Shield

Here we discover a few handy tips to installing Arduino shields within the SIMATIC IOT2020.

This example from Peter Oakes tackles how to gain easy access to terminals within the device once you have installed the Arduino 4 Relay Shield to the Arduino header within the IOT2020. Peter goes on to show how a custom made lid can be 3D printed to ensure that the IOT2020 remains sealed once the shield has been added

For this demo Peter has added the Arduino 4 Relay Shield  (875-0292) .

To raise the terminals for easy access a development board (758-9345) is use to increase the height of the shield.

Here we see Peter take us through the process he has used to adapt the IOT2020 to except the shield whilst giving easy terminal access through a new retro fit lid.

The STL file for the lid is attached.


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