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CryptoAuthentication — Securing your IoT devices with Atmel

The Internet of Things is very much the ‘thing’ of the moment. As a result, the world is getting smaller. Everybody is becoming connected to everything. With IoT development showing no signs of slowing down, security risks will inevitably be on the up.

With Atmel’s new range of CryptoAuthentication products, you can add security to your applications with peace of mind. Using Crypto Evaluation Studio software, its comprehensive support system can help you to add security to your design and save more time for the task in hand — your creation.

Image Credit - Gaertringen at Pixabay 2015

So what can CryptoAuthentication devices do for you?

They ensure that your product in its all-encompassing state is protected from cloning, counterfeiting and tampering. Any ‘add-on’ products to the main host device also receive a security check. They will be ‘rejected’ for use if they do not comply to CryptoAuthentication standards. CryptoAuthentication devices can also work with any microcontroller — that’s integration!

There are three types of CryptoAuthentication devices;

SHA – Secure Hash Algorithm

AES – Advance Encryption Standard

ECC – Elliptic Curve Cryptography

The Atmel range of CryptoAuthentication devices available at RS Components include;

  • Development kits
  • Xplained Pro extension boards
  • WiFi modules
  • Memory chips.

Atmel CryptoAuthentication Products

Atmel CryptoAuthentication Products - North America customers

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8 Oct 2015, 13:00