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CRIMPING TERMINALS - The importance of using the right tool

Solderless terminals are one of the lowest cost components in a system, but the repercussions of a bad crimp can be crippling. There is much more complexity to the process than meets the eye, but unfortunately many people in the industry overlook the fundamentals of a good crimp and unknowingly put the integrity of their products at risk.

Most people think they can use any tool to crimp a terminal. If the terminal looks good after a brief visual inspection, they assume the connection is secure. However, looks can be deceiving. A single bad crimp can cause both physical and electrical problems, resulting in lost production time, damage, repairs, and potential injury or litigation.

Companies routinely misunderstand agency certification criteria, and fail to crimp according to industry-mandated specifications. TE terminals and splices undergo rigorous performance testing to meet the needs of our customers entering the era of Industry 4.0. When used with TE’s specially-designed tooling options, the crimped components meet the most stringent safety, performance, and certification requirements.

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Crimp Theory Fundamentals: BASIC

Watch the following video to increase your working knowledge of quality electrical crimp terminations by understanding what goes into making a good crimp



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