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Creating / Editing 3D for Components


I have two questions related to 3D with DSPCB;  Sorry if this topic was addressed previously, but I could not find any comments on it:   

I've created a number of custom components for use in DSPCB;  There is no precise 3D version for some of these components so the program approximates the component as closely as possible which is OK, but it would be nice if a more precise model could be used, therefore:  

Q1) Can anyone suggest a CAD package - perhaps DesignSpark Mechanical Software ? - to create 3D renditions for a component that would be compatible with DSPCB 3D rendering engine (I'm not a 3D-CAD Expert so I don't want to get involved in something overly complex.) ?    

Q2) Is there any way to browse the 3D database in DSPCB to see what is currently there (and perhaps use something that already exists) ?  


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