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Creating a groove with combine tool


I have this object that contains no errors:

I want to rotate the two grooves that run out to the right hand edge +90° and -90° respectively so that they are in line with the internal grooves.

I tried selecting their surface and rotating them but DSM does not like that; so I tried filling them and it cannot do that either.

So then I removed the rounds manually to get this:

And then attempt to fill the remaining groove and got:

Which is completely screwed.

Try clicking on some of that (apparent) geometry and its not there!

The worst part is if you run a geometry check and it finds no errors:

But when I cut the new groove:

It cuts perfectly happily:

UNTIL you break through the inner wall of the hole:

So, try creating a rod and cutting it from the solid


And the saga continues. The first time I pulled the circle to cut the groove, it worked; but resulted in a geometry check with 14 errors associated with that mysterious stuff that is rendered in teh hole, but cannot be selected. So you cannot even delete it.

In the end, it is probably quicker to draw the whole thing over from scratch; which just makes a mockery of DSM's strengths.

Please, can someone in authority please champion the idea of a bug fix for V5 in preferrence to a bunch of new features with all the old bugs remaining. (Hell. Give me access to the sources and I'll do the fixes myself!)


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