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Craftalight - the OSHW USB-powered LED light for your handbag (now on Kickstarter)

Craftalight is a small hackable USB-powered LED light for your handbag. With its integrated Hall-Effect switch it can sense a magnet sewn into the lid of a handbag/backpack thus lighting up when needed! Gets yours at

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 STM8 microcontroller STM8S003F6U3
1 User button SKSNLAE010
1 Hall effect sensor Si7201-B-05-IV
1 SOT323 power NMOS DMG1012UW
1 Low Iq LDO MIC5365-3.0YC5
2 Warm white (3200K) power LED 5630 package LED
1 PTC resettable fuse (Ihold 1.1A) MF-NSMF110-2


We're a tiny embedded technologies startup from southern Germany (precisely Engen near the Lake of Konstanz). We have a few hobby electronic projects up our sleeves we're very keen to present you. Stay tuned ;)

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