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November 14, 2017 08:34

Copper Text uncovered by solder-mask


In DesignSpark PCB, I've placed a text on the Top Copper Layer:

how can I avoid that this text will be covered by solder mask? I've "copy" the layer and deleted all but leaving only my text; then I've generate a new gerber of this temporary layer, renamed as Top Copper Plated Unmasked, but it hasn't the correct clearance between copper and solder mask. Some hint? Thank you in advance.


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November 14, 2017 08:22

Hi Umurri, it's best to post in the forum I just found out loosing my reply when trying to paste a picture!

My thoughts are create a design which has a solder mask layer which is easy at the start with a wizard but has to be done by adding a layer in the technology as it's a current design. I'll detail my thoughts assuming you have a solder mask layer.

1. Create text on copper.
2. Copy and paste text, then change layer to solder mask.
3. select solder mask and make line width greater to allow clearance.

Attached is my image of the design, first with the copper text showing line width 20, then solder mask with line width 25 and finally text on copper and solder mask showing a gap. Note the mask layers are negative images so the green is 'no' mask.
You will need to check the results in a Gerber viewer, but I believe this should work.

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