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Mastering time control efficiently with the NFC Timing Relay



In scientific novels or the world of comics, having the ability to control and manipulate time makes you one of the most powerful human beings on Earth. Take a look at Dr. Strange from the Marvel Comics realm. This is not a dream; neither is the discussion about a stopwatch that allows a user to start, stop and measure time. It is all about an industrial timing relay, also more commonly known as a timer, found in most of the control cabinets and panels.

The timing relay range in the industry had not seen technological changes possibly for the last 2 decades. Customers have gotten used to seeing the big knobs at the front face of the timing relay; this is how time is being controlled. A user gets to select the amount of time on the device and it reacts when the criteria are reached, triggering pre-defined actions as part of the automation process.

The next part shares the benefits that Schneider Electric is trying to bring across to its customers with a revolutionary product using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Trend of NFC in Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

The role of NFC technology within the IIoT basket may be explained in a few points:

Simpler network access — NFC allows the connection of devices to be easy and intuitive. There are no complex handshaking processes or data entry requirements.

End user control with a clear intent or action — NFC offers a simple and intuitive solution for indicating an intention to initiate action. What can be clearer than a tap movement?

Ability to connect the unconnected — NFC solves the problem of unpowered objects that lack network access. By embedding NFC tags in these objects, you can instantly add intelligence. Once more, with a tap of an NFC-enabled device, it can open a URL and provide access to online information.

With more than 39 billion connected devices expected by 2020 and over one billion NFC-enabled devices already in the market, NFC is playing a crucial role in making the Internet of Things a working reality.

Zelio NFC Timing Relay

Designed to provide unmatched efficiency and accuracy for electrical equipment manufacturers, the innovative yet affordable Zelio Time – NFC Timing Relay (914-5070) marks a significant step in technological advancement for the energy marketplace. It presents to the end user with 3 simple benefits of setting and controlling time by:

  • Simplicity in 1 product reference with 28 timing functions
  • Efficiency through unprecedented accuracy in time settings
  • Security ensuring the settings remain safe and untampered



By shifting control over all timing functions and settings to a mobile device, timing relay product references are consolidated, drastically streamlining purchasing and inventory for the manufacturer.

The NFC Timing Relay features 28 timing functions, a wide range of voltages in the power supply, all found within 1 product reference.


While conventional timing relays allow for an error margin of up to 10 percent, the NFC Timing Relay eliminates almost all possibility for error (allowing only 0.2 percent) by automating each setting. The result is a process that is 50 times more accurate than the traditional timer solution.

Hand tools such as screwdrivers are used to turn the dials of the traditional timing relays manually to set a time. In addition, complex instructions were followed to get the right settings in place. All of these are not needed in the NFC timing relay; the APP can be used to get all the settings done in a shorter amount of time. The same settings may also be cloned into another NFC timing relay to ensure easy duplication work.

The diagnosis function in the NFC timing relay allows the user to know the existing status of the product, from which this process is not possible with a traditional timing relay.


A 4-digit password can be set into the NFC timing relay to ensure unauthorized setting changes and protect all existing time settings.


The Schneider Electric NFC timing relay is the start of an entirely new series of products that presents to customers an entry ticket into the Internet of Things concept, and packs unrivalled benefits for anyone who wishes to get a precise and accurate control of time with an added level of security.      

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