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16 Nov 2018, 12:11

Introduction to BETA from IES and Blue Chip Technology


BETA is a configurable HMI that is designed to simplify touch screen development and integration. Customers can choose their own configuration - including screen size, processing power, I/O and more - to create a final build that suits their application. It can be configured for deployment as a touchscreen interface and/or 'brains' of a larger system, or as a self-contained, handheld mobile device. Ultimately, BETA helps to reduce the costs and complexity involved in embedded projects needing a touchscreen.

Key Points

  • Pre-integrated, pre-tested.
    The complex challenges in interfacing an embedded computer with an LCD and touch screen have already been overcome. Furthermore, EMC and thermal testing have been carried out, so the BETA is already CE approved and ready to go from day one.

  • Flexible configuration.
    Often pre-built systems include components and functionality that are surplus to requirements and can increase costs and complexity unnecessarily. The modular nature of the BETA means customers can more closely customise it to suit their requirements, thereby reducing costs and complexity.
  • Availability, stability and support.
    Many consumer tablets and commercial touch screen solutions are not suitable for the requirements of embedded applications due to short-term availability, poor stability and lack of support. The BETA, on the other hand, will be in production until at least 2021, is designed to cope with demanding embedded applications, and comes with direct UK support and expert guidance.

  • Simple integration with existing products.
    When a customer looks to modernise the interface of their product, they aren't always looking to change their entire system. The BETA gives customers the option to easily integrate with pre-existing electronics through a variety of interfaces. This allows for a phased upgrade of the product, thus reducing costs.


The flexibility of BETA derives from the number of options available for each of the core components, as well as the availability of extras (add-on components).

Core Components & Features

Every BETA has a core set of components and features, all of which have a number of options available. Currently, these comprise of:

  • Bezel
    • Plastic (Soft Touch)
    • Aluminium (IP65 Sealed)
  • Touch Interface
    • Resistive
    • Projected Capacitive
  • LCD Display
    • 4.3"
    • 7"
    • 9.7"
  • Processor Module
    • TM1 (1GHz ARM Cortex A9)
    • TM2 (1GHz ARM Cortex A9 plus 200MHz ARM Cortex M4)
  • Carrier Board
    • HB5 (Horizontal I/O, low profile)
    • HB6 (Vertical I/O, can have rear cover)
    • HB7 (Communications features)
    • XE1 (x86 with 1GHz AMD G-Series APU, no processor module)
  • Memory
    • 1GB
    • 2GB
    • 4GB
  • Storage
    • MicroSD (with or without memory card)
    • eMMC Flash
    • 2 SSD
    • SATA SSD
  • Operating Temperature Range
    • Standard 0°c to 50°c
    • Extended -20°c to 60°c


While many configurations can be made from just the core components alone, there are some further additions that can enhance the functionality of the BETA, including:

  • Operating System (various flavours of Android, Linux and Windows)
  • Expansion Connector Adapters (useful for interfacing with other systems)
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Dual SIM
  • Battery
  • Rear Cover

Further options will continue to be added as the BETA is developed, making it suitable for a wider range of applications.

Custom Design

If a suitable configuration cannot be achieved using the available components, a custom design can be explored. The feasibility of a custom design depends on a number of things, including complexity and sales volume.

Pre-Selected 'Starter Configurations'

The number of possible configurations can be daunting for customers, so we offer a number of pre-selected 'Starter Configurations'. These act as an easy entry point for customers learning about BETA for the first time.

Please refer to the separate 'BETA Starter Configurations' document for each of the configurations.

Though these may appear to be ready-made, off-the-shelf products, they are simply pre-chosen configurations that we have selected to best represent the possibilities of the BETA platform. It is unlikely that one of the Starter Configurations will perfectly match the customer's specification, so a custom configuration will almost always be required.

As new components are made available, we may make changes to the existing Starter Configurations and/or add new ones.


BETA modules, accessories and Development Kits are now available for purchase through RS Components. Get your products to market quickly, with the help of BETA!

Part Number RS Article Description
IES-BETA-4.3-1.0 (175-7496)   BETA 4.3" Development Kit
IES-BETA-7-1.0 (175-7495)   BETA 7" Development Kit
IES-BETA-9.7-1.0 (175-7494) BETA 9.7" Development Kit
B04CV-0A1A-JE00 (175-7506) 4.3" Cap Touch BETA Module
B07CV-0A1A-JE00 (175-7505) 7" Cap Touch BETA Module
B09CV-0C1A-JE00 (175-7504) 9" Cap Touch BETA Module


Article generated by Blue Chip Technology Ltd. 

IES was created to provide dedicated support for our expanding range of embedded product. Part of Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) a well-established & respected industry leading display & optoelectronics solutions provider. Complementing our Display & LED business as well as being suitable for a number of other applications - anywhere a single board computer may be needed, the depth and versatility of our offering means we can work with you to offer the right solution for your project.

16 Nov 2018, 12:11