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How can I use my American ventilation fan?

Hello I purchased a pair of fans from the USA. I purchased a travel adapter for the socket thinking this would work but understand that the electric needs to be stepped down? The fan specs are: operating voltage 120V AC, max power draw 110W and current 2.27 A. What's the safest converter that will do the job? Thanks in advance.

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April 23, 2020 12:37

Please, can somebody assist with advice as I'm really struggling.

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April 30, 2020 07:31

@Richard_Mere did you come up with a solution to this?

April 27, 2020 07:23

@Richard_Mere you will require a transformer of 120V and 2.27A secondary which is 272VA rated as the voltage and current are out of phase, so more than the actual 110W fan rating. You may be able to find a 120V 300VA enclosed transformer with a power lead and a socket for the fan. Or if you enclose it yourself search for a transformer of these ratings and hard wire. To keep cost down and auto transformer will be suitable such as for each fan. If both mounted sutably close you could power both from this The fan will run at 5/6 full speed due to the 50Hz 60Hz difference assuming a synchronous motor. These are only my suggestions and you will need to check this is suitable. Based on the extra costs you obviously need to consider the alternatives such as a new fan of the correct voltage. A final thought is it possible (but I doubt this) that the fan motor is universal, i.e. will work on 120V and 240V depending on the wiring. You would need to get someone to inspect the motor wiring to see if in your case there are two coils wired in parrallel for 120V operation and these could rewired to be in series for 240V operation, may be worth a check? As a warning I have in the past seen suggestions of using a large high power resistor to drop the voltage, but that would be very wasteful and dissipate an extra 120W. Also some suggestions are for a phase controller to only pass half of each cycle, but apart from unlikely to work and likely to generate a loud buzz and over heating, it is actually dangerous as the motor will see the peak of the 240V AC and likkel exceed its voltage ratings. Just for info I investigated as I am looking to change a 120V AC diamond band saw for UK mains use and bought a toroidal transformer with isolated secondary windings as there is water involved in the process and this provides additional safety. I hope this may help.

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