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Connector Geek Introduces... October 2016

FullAXS Mini Connector Sealing & Cable Assembly

I was delighted when our friends at TE Connectivity gave me a sneak-peek of the FULLAXS Mini Connectors which they have launched this month. This connector system has been designed for those situations where space is tight and it’s difficult to see where you are installing, as with its ergonomic design you can easily install blindly and one-handed using only the thumb and index finger. They’re also water tight and sealed to IP65 & IP67 levels which makes them a great option for harsher environments in data communications and industrial applications.  

Find out more on the RS website in October….

Phoenix Contact AC vehicle connectors and AC infrastructure plugs

The popularity of electric cars has shot up in the past few years with there being around 80,000 plug-in vehicles on the road in the UK alone compared to 3,500 in 2013! Phoenix Contact have released their new design AC vehicle connectors and plugs designed for the requirements of the automotive industry.

With the EV trend growing the need to make it easier to use and maintain electric vehicles both at home and on the go is becoming more pressing, Phoenix Contact have released their new design AC vehicle connectors and plugs designed for the requirements of the automotive industry.

Knowing that they have been designed to these requirements means I instantly recognise that they will be robust and reliable. These user-friendly AC charging systems come both as a mobile version with an infrastructure plug or an open-ended version for static charging. Designed with high-quality materials and have convenient handling to be able to help Electric Vehicle owners to easily and safely charge their vehicles with both at home and on the go. Watch this space – Electric vehicles are going to be big business!

Keep an eye out for our automotive campaign on the RS website in November where we will be showcasing this range of connectors as well as everything else you may need for automotive applications.  If you simply can't wait, you can download the AC Vehicle Connectors brochure below.

4.3-10 connector series for the mobile communication market

I’ve talked about the new trend 4.3-10 from Rosenberger in a previous article and how this new standard of connectors will eventually replace the current 7-16 connector series - specifically in the mobile communications market.

The 4.3-10 specification is the result of collaboration between some of the leaders in the world of RS connectors - Rosenberger, Huber + Suhner, Spinner and Telegärtner - responding to a requirement from the mobile equipment vendors for a new small size connector system for the mobile communication market. The demand for smaller connectors has been obvious and due to the miniaturization of electronics, the size and footprint of the equipment was quite often dominated by the size of connectors.

The 4.3-10 is characterised by its best electrical performance and low passive internodulation (low PIM) and, due to its size, fits perfectly in between existing connector systems used in mobile communication industry today and has the potential to become THE connector system for the mobile communication market.

With products from Telegartner already available on the RS website look out for more introductions from Huber+Suhner and Rosenberger coming over the next few months…


Connector Geek is Dave in real life. With 29 years in the industry, Dave still likes talking about connectors almost as much as being a Dad to his two kids. He still loves Lego too...

30 Sep 2016, 10:06