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Configure Caching IPv4/IPv6 DNS Stub Resolver using “systemd-resolved”

By storing previous DNS query answers of name:ip mappings in a local cache, system responsiveness can be greatly enhanced. This link is a HowTo I've written on StackExchange which details how to configure "systemd-resolved" as a local DNS caching stub resolver on Raspbian:

Trust me:  It's both easy- WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS (without them, not so much ;-> ) - and worthwhile setting up a caching stub resolver: HowTo create a local IPv4/IPv6 DNS caching Stub Resolver

I'm a dual-national US/UK Linux & Network Engineer providing enterprise solutions since 2001. Yes, "2001"- when I resigned from NYPD to emigrate from Manhattan's Upper East Side to move to England. Before becoming a boring IT contractor I served as a Task Force Police Officer in NYPD's Transit Bureaus and was a Sergeant in US Army Special Forces. I mostly work in the UK, but have operated as far afield as Northern Nigeria.

25 Apr 2019, 8:01