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17 Jul 2019, 8:42

Configurable Backlight Breathes New Life into LCD Display Module

Display specialist, Intelligent Display Solutions (IDS), has a range of COG Alphanumeric LCD Display Modules. The range has 2 rows of 16 characters and is available with a wide selection of backlight colours. In addition, the backlight colours can be dynamically changed, helping to bring attention to alarm conditions or system status.

Alphanumeric LCD displays continue to be a popular display solution. They are low cost, low energy, highly effective and easy to implement, so they have proven themselves many times over.

Designers can have the flexibility to benefit from the low cost and low energy of LCD, whilst still developing a product with the style and look that they require, including an RGB option. Developers will be able to change the look of an existing product at no extra cost and match corporate colours or simply create their own unique design.

The COG (chip on glass) Alphanumeric LCD Display Module supports a wide variety of LCD modes, including STN Positive and STN Negative, FSTN Positive and FSTN Negative, plus FFSTN Negative. It is also available with a range of LED backlight colours that include White, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow/Green and RGB.

IDS support the product range with Arduino and Pi code and breakout boards and demos to enable fast implementation.

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IDS CI064-4001 RGB Displays

For further information, please contact IDS. Tel: 01635 294600. Email: 

IDS is a division of Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) a well-established respected industry leading Optoelectronics solutions provider. Much of IGS’ business comes from providing semi-custom or custom products both in component and sub-assembly form. This comes from providing design support and prototyping within the European market place with the capability to deliver production displays to wherever in the world that the customer’s manufacturing or assembly is being undertaken.

17 Jul 2019, 8:42