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Compression springs

AFA Kevin

Hi this is my second time on the forum.  I draw a compression spring in 3 parts useing the cyclinder tool and then pull/helix tool and tried to combine them into one spring, but it will not combine.  The dementions of the spring are 13mm ID, 15mm OD with a 1mm diameter wire.  The centre section was L 20mm, Pitch 2.5mm.  The two end sections were L 2mm and pitch 1.1mm.  After combining them, I try to select it but only one section will hi-light.  I use the Ctrl to hi-light the other two dections and try to move it.  It will move a little way then weard things start happening to the image.   Could the problem be because it is hollow? How do you change it from hollow to solid?

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