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Components Dimensioned for Tool Path Maps for Manual Mill and Lathe machining.

Hi, and Thank You,

I am requiring Dimensioned Tool Path maps from sketches or 3d components, for Manual Machining operations using Digital Readouts.

I am new to DSM, and already like many features, however I will require Dimensioned skethches or components, which I then take Screen shots of, to acomplish my Manual Machining projects.

 I have been  currently using Fusion 360, which has worked very well for the Screen Shot Dimensioned Sketches or components I require, without a 2nd task of creating a drawing. I just simply build a 3d model, and dimension it in iether sketch or model view, then screenshot a picture and my Tool Path is done. Can I acomplish this with DSM ?


Many Thanks,

Frederick Lomax

Designs By Frederick

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December 12, 2018 08:43

Thank You Very Much davecole,
for both of these links...Just what I was looking for !!!
Sorry for the delayed response, just returned...

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December 11, 2018 15:40

You can add dimensions directly in DSM, here is a quick tutorial

Here is a video on this function

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