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COAX’s 12G Broadcast connector range continues to grow

The availability of 4K Ultra HD content and the means of displaying it have fuelled demand for systems and technologies capable of high bandwidth transmissions. Equipment manufacturers require reliable connectors capable of permitting ever higher data rates and preserving picture quality, whilst at the same time taking up less space. It is in response to these needs that COAX Connectors continues to expand its 12G connector range.  

Small yet powerful the 12G Insulated Metal Thread Bulkhead Jack to Jack Adaptor is a new addition to COAX’s range of Micro BNC (HD BNC) high performance connectors. This little connector, which has been designed for Full HD applications and general use up to 12G has a pitch of just 9mm, giving an amazing density of 96 12G channels in a single 1U panel.

Together with the features associated with the Micro BNC range such as positive locking, high frequency capability and a much reduced footprint versus a standard BNC, the unique design of the adaptor also means that it is isolated from the panel with no separate isolating sleeved required. For applications where space is at a premium COAX’s Micro BNC (HD BNC) range offers outstanding performance in a high density package.

Another COAX product range, including connectors capable of delivering 12G over a single channel with outstanding return loss, is the Korus BNC range. Since its launch 2 years ago the Korus range of BNCs has grown to include a wide range of 12G 75 ohm connectors meeting the requirements of SMPTE standard ST 2082-1 for 12G-SDI video broadcast. There are connectors for smaller cables such as RG179 right through to larger broadcast specific cables. As well as cable connectors the Korus range features 12G adaptors and panel mounted PCB jacks.

COAX Connectors design, manufacture and supply a wide range of RF connectors and cable assemblies.

2 Dec 2016, 10:47