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PC station for manufacturing processes with graphic support

There are products in some productions that are unique in shape and condition. One example is the key production for cars and locks with increased security levels. These unique shapes must be calculated by a software, checked and prepared for the production machines in suitable form. This task requires a PC station with high computing and graphics performance. The SIMATIC IPC347E is ideally suited for such applications.

Efficient, simple and time-saving

Your benefits when you use this application example. 

Bild_111_8e7a33b554d3a4ca6f1fefd358321e79210b4bba.pngRugged design

Developed for continuous operation in an industrial environment.

bild_211_63ba201c9798bcdb1baa0176d9acd0c47d33c146.pngHigh performance at low costs

High-performance processors and flexible expandability at long availability make for a safe investment.

Bild_311_992292bb008909439355a255f5fae01a7a6e9a89.pngCurrent hardware/software - delivered immediately

Windows 10 pre-installed on fast SSD. Best connectivity thanks to integrated WLAN. In stock for immediate delivery.

Possible uses

Thanks to its modularity and flexible expandability, you can use this application example for a wide variety of irrigation tasks. 

Some examples for the possible uses:

  • Milling and engraving of small parts
  • Visual inspection of products
  • Generate and compile graphic charts

How does it work?

In this application, the IPC347E is used as an operating system for the production of security keys. A blank is placed in the processing chamber. Software on the IPC generates a unique pattern for the key and an identification number. The pattern and the identification number are engraved into the blank with a milling cutter/laser. The 3D camera captures the processing in real-time which can be observed on the display. After processing, the 3D camera takes some pictures and records the height profiles. This data is synchronized with the software data on the IPC27E. When the key matches the specifications, processing is finished and the camera data is saved to the database for documentation purposes.


Required components

You need the following components to implement the application example. 

Article Number Article number Note
IPC347E  1 6AG4012-1AA10-0XX0  
Other as required     Application-specific


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