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10 Jun 2019, 7:57

Climate monitoring with Testo - practical, individual and safe.

Data loggers accompanying sensitive goods either have direct contact with the goods, for instance in the outer package or between individual packaging, or in the "semi-stationary" method, where the data logger is attached to the side of the vehicle or the transport box. They measure either the air temperature via the built-in probe or the product temperature with the help of an external probe.

Data loggers for refrigerated and deep-frozen foods must comply with the norm EN 12830.

Testo measurement solutions can reliably support you in many application areas with the seamless monitoring and documentation of climate parameters - and alert you immediately if limit values are exceeded.

Ready for use in storage: testo 174 familyThe mini data loggers from the testo 174 series are ideal and reliable for transport and monitoring storage. Whether they are simply packed in with the goods, or placed in storerooms or refrigerated units: the data loggers monitor temperature (or additionally humidity), continuously, reliably and unobtrusively. The free testo ComSoft Basic software allows fast programming of the data logger as well as easy data analysis.


Datalogging in transit: testo 184 familyWith the data loggers from the testo 184 series, you monitor every step of your cold chain in the transport of sensitive goods. At their destination, you see at a glance whether the configured limit values have been adhered to. All required files and information are stored directly and securely in the logger; including configuration file, acceptance test certificate, instruction manual and PDF report of your recorded data.

  • testo 184 T1 - Temperature measurement for 90 Days (851-3456)
  • testo 184 T2 - Temperature measurement for 150 Days with display (851-3450)
  • testo 184 T3 - Unlimited operating with display (exchangeable battery) (851-3469)
  • testo 184 T4 - Unlimited operating (exchangeable battery) (851-3462)
  • testo 184 H1 - Temperature & Humidity with display (exchangeable battery) (851-3466)


Monitor and provide alarms: testo Saveris 2The testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system is the networked solution for monitoring temperature and humidity values in storerooms and workrooms. The system can be easily installed via your browser or the testo Saveris 2 App. You can analyze the stored measurement values anywhere and at any time using an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC. Limit value violations are immediately reported by e-mail (optionally by SMS) or via the App as a push notification. This allows critical processes to be kept under control, even if you are not on site yourself.

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10 Jun 2019, 7:57