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接近度传感器(proximity sensor)

Hello everyone! :) I’m 3rd-year undergraduate student from the Department of Electronic & Computer engineering, at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. During my studies, I have taken electronics courses such as Electro-Robotics and Embedded System Design and found it fascinating to learn how to get all of the components of such systems, a robotic car in my case, to work together. It is very satisfying to see my car follow the track and perform its task perfectly. It’s like seeing my creation come alive! Through this Designspark Blog, I would like to share what I have learnt in the field of electronics with all of you and also introduce you to some cool electronics news and products. As a student, I understand how painful it is to read through papers that I can barely understand a word of it. I will try to explain everything is a simple way so that anyone can understand it. I hope everyone can share my joy in building electronics gadgets. If you find my blog useful, please share it with your friends! 大家好!:) 我是来自香港科技大学,电子及计算器工程学系三年级的学生。在我过去两年多的学习中,我选修了不少电子课程,当中包括电子机械人及嵌入式系统设计。我发觉在学习如何使不同零件去拼凑成一个嵌入式系统,例如一辆智能电动车,的过程中,不单只令我获益良多并且在完成后更能获得很大的满足感,所以在这一方面我一直都很感兴趣。 透过Designspark博客,我想分享我在电子领域内所学到的点滴,也想为您介绍一些很酷的电子新闻和产品。作为一名学生,我非常明白钻研一份堆满难明生字的文章是多么痛苦,我会尝着用简单明了的字眼去解释,使任何人都可以理解。 我希望我能透过这个管道去分享制作电子小手作的有趣之处。如果你觉得我的博客有趣又或者很有用,请与您的朋友分享!


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