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Centrifugal Blower for a Gold Dryblower


Goodaye from Australia Dan, sorry if topic is off the mark , I have built a large Gold Dryblower, 15 ton an hour, the two large screens that the fines run over have dozens of holes that air blows through and the dirt blows off while the gold particles with a heavier SG get lodged behind the riffle bars 45 degree bars running accross the screens.

My question is I need lots of air that I can fine tune the flow rate of, the blower will be running off a 16 hp petrol motor, belt and pully, is forward facing fins on the fan the right choice and single imput air supply. the screens are 1.5 x .9 meters in size 150 mill high I plan on a center mounted hold on the screen 250 mill on bottom with louvered deflecters over the hole to spread the air around the air box, is it best to have the in and out sizes the same and is there a compromise by having a long input duct say 10 -15 meters long? Will 16 hp be too much or to little to get a lot of air throughput?

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