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Capacitive lamp

In this project, we are going to transform a lamp so that it turns On or Off when you pass your hand in front of it.

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 Enamelled copper wire 1,0mm 100gr 161-7765
1 Glue Gun 122-9749
1 White Glue Stick 692-441
1 DC Socket Rated At 884-0944
1 AC/DC adapter 220-5V 2A 204-7276
4 Male female cable jumper
1 Female female cable jumper
1 Rele module
1 TTP223 module
1 E27 LED GLS Bulb 123-7956
1 Lamp
We are an association from Public University of Navarra (Spain) focused in electronic divulgation and education. Our first team was created by few students from different engineering degrees in may of 2017. We have been working with our community and students since our foundation in order to offer an extra knwoledge and to impulse new technologies. We are supported by RS Components, which has been our main sponsor. Thank you RS :)
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