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February 7, 2019 16:05

Can't substract new planes...



I use the german Version from DesignSpark Mecanical.

I create some drilling holes with the "stretch" (ziehen) Tool.

It works perfect to now, but now it doesn't work! :-(

When I select a plane (Fläche), then click on stretch (ziehen). Than I click on [ - ] (substract button) and strech the plane. The Result is nothing or an new Volume body.


How? :-(

Thanks for any help!


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February 11, 2019 08:50

I'm slightly confused in what you are trying to achieve.
An image is worth a thousand words.

The (ziehen) tool is the 'Pull' tool.
The (Fläche) is a 'surface'

If you select the [ - ] 'cut' option then the surface of the circle will be 'cut' out of the solid. (If you pull in the correct direction). If you pull in the wrong direction then the 'surface' will just disappear.
To cut a hole out of a solid there is no need to select the [ - ] cut option. DSM will know what you want.

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