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cannot log in


using DSM5... today when I launched the program it asked me to log in, so I tried to log in. First try, nothing happened. Second try, the login window just closed. When I try to open DSM it asks me to log in again... the same happens. It just closes the login window and that's it. I asked a colleague, same thing for him. Is there some kind of server problem happening right now? or what is going on? Haven't found any solution or info anywhere. Thanks


ok they replied in an another post...  I didn't notice that this was going to happen at all.... all of us know why this is.. but it is what it is.... where is my card..?

Please note that legacy versions (v5 and older) were turned off, as per the notice issued in April: 

This change was communicated several times in the last 2-3 months through various channels - email and social media.

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