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Cannot enable library folder

Just installed Designspark PCB, and try to create a schemaic.  I follow this articale to add the net reference:How can I add Net References?

But unforunately, I can't find the "TO" component, and there does not have schema.cml library in my list, and there are only very few libraries available (DesignSpark, Itspice and XSpice).  I have searched my hard drive, it was found in C:\Users\Public\Documents\DesignSpark PCB 8.1\Library, and this folder is already listed in Folders page, but it was disabled.

I try to check the "Folder Enabled" checkbox , but it will be disabled automaticlly after pressing [Apply] or [Close] button. 

I also tried to copy the schema.cml and schema.cmx to User folder, and it can be shown in the list now, and I can find the "TO" component.  However, the following error will be prompted when I add the "TO" component to my schematic.

Cannot find symbol "TO" in any library.

May I know how I can use those comonment in the library folder?  Why can't the folder be enabled? Actually it can be enabled, but disabled after save.  Is it a bug?

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March 23, 2018 08:39

Same problem here.

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March 20, 2018 07:58

I have the same problem

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March 13, 2018 08:43

Seems can be fixed by following this , just consider the newly installed 8.1 as a previous version.

I'm not upgrading from any previous version, I just installed version 8.1 only. But it works if I copy those files out from the folder "DesignSpark PCB 8.1".

March 23, 2018 08:39

@Super169 Thanks, thas works fine.