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Can you spin up your AC brushless motor in 45 seconds?

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March 16, 2017 09:59

To expand on this :- the whole motor drive system is operating in a continuous closed loop mode with a default sampling frequency of 8KHz. It needs to do this in order for the field oriented control algorithm to monitor the 3 phase currents and calculate the motor pole positions to provide the correct drive signals. It will also take positional information from motor sensors if preferred which are hard wired to the board. Hope this helps.
The PC GUI is the HMI to the board and allows parameters to be monitored and changed. It also allows speed to be set this will be controlled within the control algorithm in order to keep constant within the normal operating range for the motor. In an end product / application as this whole drive is implemented using the Synergy RX23T platform microcontrollers then other remote sensors could be implemented into the overall control loop required by the end application.

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March 8, 2017 09:52

Nice article, very clear informative.

Will this drive handle closed loop systems?

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