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Can we design a self charging EV using the rotation of tires?

Hi.. I just want to learn more about EV and how to design a self charging EV, can we use the rotation of the tires, and also make all the glass of the car made of transparent sollar cells to produce electricity?   If we can, the o/p power will be eno

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February 25, 2020 08:58

You can not use the tires to transfer motor energy to overcome aerodynamic drag - and gain energy back at the same time. Or did you mean to drive the wheels at a hypothetic E-station via rolls driven by a motor? There would be some energy loss compared to loading the battery with a cable.
About solar cells, if they let light pass - transparency - they can not convert it to electric energy at the same time.

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February 24, 2020 12:00

As far as tyres/wheels are concerned, there is definately wasted energy in the flexing of the rubber that could be recovered. This is evident in the heat that gets generated in the tyre. The energy might be recoverable using a thin film piezo material in the tread and walls of the tyre. I remember seeing a demonstration once of a rubberised strip about 1/2" wide and 3" long only 1mm thick, that could light a neon connected to the end between the two surfaces by foil electrodes. The sales engineer just flapped the strip side to side and as it flexed the neon lit up. The neon was particularly appropriate as the generated voltage spikes are in excess of the neon strike voltage.
This was many years ago and the techology must have moved on now. However any energy that can be recovered without compromising the performance of the vehicle must be useful in driving subsystems OR Traction drive systems?

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February 17, 2020 23:07

You can certainly use solar cells. There are concept cars with roof and bonnet covered in cells. Not sure of the windows, but they may be in development?
As for tyres/wheels if you add any load to these it will take energy from the motion and slow you down, but that points to another application area where regenerative braking is used to slow the vehicle, i.e. generating electricity instead of heat as with conventional brakes.

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