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Can I create a surface from an image outline?


I have a 2D shape that I designed in a vector drawing progam (Adobe Illustrator) that I want to 3D print. Originally I planned to use a craft cutter to cut it from 0.020" styrene, but 3D printing to 0.080" would give me a more substantial part. Please see the attachment.

The shape is fully enclosed by 0.014" solid black lines. I can scale it to any size, and export it as a PNG or JPEG image. I can open this file in DSM, but I can't find a way to have DSM trace the lines and create a plane the same shape and size as the image. Once I have the plane, I can pull it up to 0.080".

Is there a way to do this, or must I manually draw lines around the image, then delete the image?

Thanks for all information and advice.

--- Mike


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