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Cable components for 128 ways connector


Hi everyone,

I have submitted the question to techical help but no respond. So I post it here to ask for community help.

I have a board using connector 770-6957, in below link:

Now I have to build external board that connect with the old one through that connector.


That mean I have to buy following stuff:

·         That one. To put on the external board.

·         The female connector. (I only see the right angle will be in stock soon)

·         Cables. I don’t know what type of cables should I use.

·         Sockets that cover the female & cables. (Any type of socket that can cover the right angle female?)

 However, I don’t know where to look at because the stock is enormous and I am really new to this field.


So please help me to build a list of items I need in order to do so. Please help to suggest some options that I can choose (good price or good quality); please also suggest anything else that I need to buy.

I am really appriciated if anyone can give me a spark of where to start. Thank you in advance for taking your time looking at this question.

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