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Building and Testing a 3D Printed Brushless Motor (until it explodes!)

YouTuber Christoph Laimer has built this very powerful, 3D-printed brushless DC electric motor. It has 600 Watts, and performs with more than 80% efficiency.

The main components, such as the rotor and stator can be printed with a common FDM-printer. All magnets, copper wire, and ball-bearings used are ordinary components.

The magnets of the rotor are arranged as Halbach Array and the motor runs with a standard ESC widely used in different RC-applications (plane, drone, car etc).


Building Instructions 

Assembly Animation 

Update, Tuning and Testing

Useful Links 

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

Testing the original design (to explosion) 

Christoph's original 3D printed brushless motor design can be found at

In the below video he tested the maximum rotation speed, with the eventual destruction of the motor intended, to discover the safe operating range.

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15 Jan 2019, 16:14