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Ideas for battery back up for solar powered water feature pump.

Seeking advice on producing a unit to install between a 6volt 1watt solar panel and 4 to 12Volt 4 watt max submersible water pump. Currently water feature will only operate when solar panel is in direct sun. Want to have better control of water feature operation.

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May 28, 2020 09:12

Obviously with a solar panel that can only provide 1/4 the power needed by the pump under best of circumstances, you'd be limited on how many hours/day you can run the feature even if the sun was shining full time. So I think one of the first questions to answer is what strategy maximizes the utility of the water feature. Is the feature strictly decorative? Or does it serve a functional purpose (filtering, water level management, etc.) as well? If it is strictly decorative, when are people around to see it? Full time? Specific hours or weather circumstances?
The answers to these questions can help determine what additional sensors may be needed, and how much battery capacity is needed.
(And whether additional solar panels are needed to achieve the desired number of hours of operation per day.)

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May 28, 2020 09:03

Sharing answers to some of the questions I raised would increase the likelihood of people being able to offer useful suggestions/strategies for your application.

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