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Building A GPS Data Logger For An Electric Bike

A keen electronic engineer with a passion for sustainability, IoT and transport. Follower of the digital nomad movement and currently documenting a campervan conversion project on DesignSpark. Compulsive tea-drinker. BrightSpark 2017. BEng.


July 13, 2021 07:05

Nice project. Do you know what your GPS Coordinate accuracy was? +/- ?

July 16, 2021 07:31

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@MVette20189 Thank you. I was very impressed with how well the PyTrack was logging my routes on and off-road. The GPS datasheet states an accuracy of less than 2.5m which sounds correct based on my observations.

July 16, 2021 07:10

@ElectricJosh your reply was not finished. I lookeda the PyTrack datasheet but no specification on GPS accuracy. Did you compute what the actual measured accuracy was relative to your actual position? I have been looking for a low cost accurate GPS system that would not require RTK.

July 19, 2021 07:17

@MVette20189 Apologies, I've amended my comment - you have to look at the L76-L GPS module datasheet for the stated accuracy. You can estimate the reliability of the module using Google maps, but I now recommend you explore the PyTrack 2.0 which has allocation for an external GPS antenna and is likely to greatly improve data accuracy.

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