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Build your own Solar Charger

Want portable energy on the move? why not build your own Solar Charger!

Martin Kiel wrote an article for RS Components eTech Magazine, issue 8

With renewable energy high on the agenda, this little project will appeal to everyone who would feel better charging their mobile or PDA from solar sources. A lithium-ion cell stores the sun’s energy in between charging sessions. Smart circuitry in the solar charger monitors the battery voltage and protects the battery
from overcharging and deep discharge.

Solar_Charger2   Solar_Charger






The concept of recharging portable gadgets from the sun is by no means new. On holiday any undetermined AC grid voltages and alien-looking power outlets would pose no problem, whilst we would also be able to
recharge these essential gadgets even in places where there is no mains electricity.The only disadvantage is that the daytime, when the sun in question is available, is also when we most need to use mobile phones nd PDAs. So the aim of this project is to capture and store those sun rays during the daytime so that we can put them to use at night for charging our gadgets. To keep this circuit as portable as possible, making
it useful on a long walking tour for instance, the energy store chosen is a single lithium-ion cell of the lithium-polymer (LiPo) type.

Read the article in full in eTech Magazine, issue 8 starting page 26

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